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The herbal ingredients (Aloe vera, Echinacea purpurea, and several others) of dermolex gel provide excellent and effective help in the skin care of permanently bedridden patients, independent of age. Its carefully selected ingredients refresh and regenerate the skin exposed to long-term pressure. The gel formulation is rapidly absorbed and will not stain the clothes or the bed linen as it does not contain any colourings or fragrances.

Dermolex gel was developed to provide effective care for bedridden patients. The product was studied and evaluated by the Department of Dermatology and Allergology of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Centre of the Faculty of Medicine, Szeged University.

The investigators concluded that dermolex gel was a useful complement to the therapy of bedsores (decubitus).

Dermolex gel provides effective care for permanently bedridden patients and is a useful help in both hospital and home care.


  Top-quality, natural herbal ingredients

  Suitable for patients with sensitive skin susceptible to allergy

  Free from artificial fragrances or colourings

  Absorbs fully and rapidly on the treated area

  Due to its menthol content, it has a cooling effect on the skin

  Its herbal ingredients make it smell pleasant and fresh

  It provides significant improvement if applied once or twice daily


to patients who are bedridden as a consequence of:


  old age


they are permanently bedded, their movements are long-term or temporarily limited. The healing of the decubitus is a very long and cumbersome process, so more emphasis should be put on prevention, one of which is an effective complement to dermolex gel application in time.


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Many of the elderly and a large proportion of patients permanently bedridden due to injury suffer from bedsores. Bedsores develop in patients who cannot change their position in bed on their own or can do it only with difficulty, or who are permanently immobilised.

In such cases, despite careful attention and precaution, bedsores may develop, i.e. tissues exposed to prolonged pressure die. This is a painful condition and if progresses can be cured only by surgery.

Bedsores, or decubitus, have four stages. Sores which have already developed are very difficult and expensive to treat, recovery is slow, and the condition leads to a dramatic deterioration in the patient’s quality of life. For this reason, it is essential that endangered patients are identified and preventive measures are taken before bedsores develop. You can find more information on bedsores here.


Prevention is particularly important because the first stage of decubitus, when the skin becomes warm to the touch, thin and vulnerable, may develop very rapidly. At this stage, the process is still reversible. Frequent rotation of the patient, however, is not enough; regular preventive treatment is also required.

Bedsores in patients bedridden as a result of an accident or an unexpected event are independent of age but, indeed, bed sores are more common in the elderly. Adequate care, however, can significantly promote the healing process. The young body regenerates more easily but recovery slows down with age. Susceptibility to pressure sores is aggravated by age, immobility, fever or poor physical condition. The most affected, however, are patients who cannot change their position in bed on their own or can do it only with great difficulty.


Clean and dry the area carefully, then apply dermpolex gel in an even layer and gently massage it into the skin. The refreshing, soothing effect of the gel will be felt immediately.

Use dermolex gel once or twice daily.

Periodical rotation of the patient, ease of pressure, and regular care of the affected area are still required. Immediately consult a specialist if you observe the early signs of bedsores.

Neither the preliminary signs of decubitus nor contact dermatitis were observed at the daily visits in the study evaluating the use of dermolex gel. As reported by the nursing stuff, the gel formulation was generally preferred to creams or ointments by the patients included in the study. The application of dermolex gel following personal hygienic care improved the sense of comfort in patients.

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